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About Texas Steaks Online & Red River Steakhouse

Red River SteakhouseTexas Steaks Online is the online shop of the Red River Steakhouse in McLean, Texas and the new additional location in Amarillo, Texas.

The Red River Steakhouse opened in 1997 and quickly became a place right out of a legend. The store has been developed in answer to requests made by our customers to be able to buy the same kind of quality steak cuts we serve at the restaurant - as well as recipes, smoker information and the Red Mud Barbecue Sauce we serve at Red River Steakhouse. We believe in community and strive to build the communities in which we are located. It is our belief that we can make a difference even if its just offering a great place to hang your hat after a hard days work. We feel that if we help take care of the community the people of that community will take care of us.

With our selection of grilled Black Angus beef, fresh Texas size salads, grilled chicken dishes and hand-breaded seafood there is something for every taste and every budget. We carry on the Texas tradition of providing guests with the highest grade of choice aged beef available, 'fall off the bone' ribs, all around good food coupled with outrageous service.

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients in our mouth-watering dishes. Tenderness and flavor are our signature and we guarantee it. Come join us a the Red River Steakhouse where you will be treated like family.

Red River Steakhouse Mission is to bring people together in a fast paced friendly environment while providing outrageous service and outstanding food. To bring the spirit of Red River Steakhouse to life we wanted to give our guests a taste of the things we love about life - We love to make people happy, and there is no better way than to bring friends and family together over a great meal. We feel like there is no higher purpose than service to others, so we love to provide the highest quality products and most memorable service to our guests. At the restaurant you can try another local favorite made right down the road called Red Mud Barbecue Sauce. It is an excellent barbecue sauce produced by a local cattle rancher who knows a thing or two about grilling steaks.

Red River SteakhouseThe Beginning of the Restaurant

Sometimes the greatest opportunities arise from the most unlikely circumstances. The Red River Steakhouse story began in high school when Will Frost decided it was time to start working in order to earn a little spending money. He was hired at the Red River Steakhouse to bus tables for a couple of nights during the week. It was fast paced and always a little challenging with many guests coming and going. Folks came from all over the state, the nation, and the world just to taste the delightful culinary artistry of the great Gabe Parson - restaurateur and originator of the K-Bobs steakhouse chain.

After while he was granted the opportunity to learn directly from this great restaurateur. Will progressed from one position to the next with ease, and before he knew it, he was well versed in all aspects of running a successful steakhouse. During this learning opportunity he was finishing high school and making plans to attend college. Although Will moved away and attended college for a period, he later realized how much he enjoyed cooking. He had almost missed his opportunity to operate the Red River because the restaurant was sold. But, later he learned the Red River Steakhouse was for sale and he immediately began making the necessary calls to see if we could work out a deal to buy it.

After three months of negotiations Will secured the property, all the contents and began restoring the steakhouse back to its original working order. He then closed the Route 66 Steakhouse in Groom, Texas and relocated to the Red River Steakhouse in McLean, Texas. Now that the Red River Steakhouse has been back in business running according to its original standards, business has once again began to boom and an additional location was opened in Amarillo, Texas. The reputation of high quality food, service, and a unique atmosphere has lead to a renewed interest in the steakhouse and visits from all corners of the wortherld.


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