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Red Mud Barbecue Sauce

Red Mud Barbecue Sauce

Enjoy authentic ranch-style barbecue with Red Mud Barbecue Sauce, created by a family that owns and operates a cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle. The Thompson Family’s love of good food, especially meat, led Lane Thompson to design and build his own smokers, he then formulated this recipe in search of the perfect addition to his smoked meat.

The Thompson family has run ranches for decades and have been cooking for themselves, ranch hands, friends and neighbors for many years. Red Mud Barbecue Sauce is a rich, thick, and tangy BBQ sauce with just the right amount of kick. Red Mud Barbecue Sauce always enhances the flavor of grilled meats without overwhelming their natural flavor. Red Mud BBQ Sauce You can order their BBQ Sauce by the bottle or save by ordering by the case, but the important thing is to order some Red Mud Barbecue Sauce now and see what your barbecues have been missing.

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