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How To Smoke Steak

What is needed to smoke meats
  • a meat smoker
  • charcoal, wood chips, starter, etc.
  • gloves and apron
  • marinade

It is a good idea to use cuts of steak that are naturally tender such as tenderloin, ribeye, t-bone or porterhouse. Start off with a marinade which imparts flavor into the meat after being covered in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator overnight or for about 8-12 hours at least. Get the smoker ready while the steaks come up to room temperature out of the refrigerator. This is one of the most important things when grilling steaks DO NOT put them into the smoker right out of the cold of the refrigerator. Smokers can use all types of wood, but if you have something like oak or a fruit wood like apple, cherry, pecan or hickory. Use lump charcoal to start and later add the wood on top of it.

What you want is a good 225 to 240 degree bed of coals - at least 2 hours worth of coals before you need to do anything else to it. When you see the top of the coals starting to glow and even flames leaping out the top, the charcoal is ready to pour into the smoker firebox. Pour the glowing hot charcoal into the firebox, place a piece of fruit wood on top and close the firebox lid. Within 20 minutes or so the smoker should be holding holding steady at around 230 degrees. Use the smoker temperature probe from the stoker to keep informed of the temperature.

If you don't have a stoker, you can use a digital probe meat thermometer with the probe part stuck all the way through a potato. Set the potato, with the probe sticking out level horizontally on the grate to give you the same results. The thermometer on your smoker is not always reliable so this method with the potato will keep you out of trouble.

Thin blue smoke is what you are looking for - when you see the smoke change from white and puffy to thin hazy hard to see smoke, then you know it is time to put on the meat. Place the steaks on the smoker on the cool side of the grate as the firebox side may be too hot. Although, it can be used for chicken or other things that can handle the higher heat. A temperature probe stuck into one of the steaks will let you know when they get to about 100 degrees. Somewhere between 100-110 degrees you may want to then toss the steaks on a really hot grill to get those good grill marks and charring on the outside of the meat.

Total smoking time should be about 35 minutes which is plenty for steaks and they will be perfectly flavored. With the digital probe meat thermometer in one of the steaks it'll let you know when it gets close to a good temperature for medium rare at about 135 to 140 degrees. Leave the meat on one side for about 90 seconds, then turn it to the other for 90 seconds then leave it in the last position as long as it takes to get the steak as well done as you desire.

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